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The texture pack I use

Documentation and World Downloads:

Best AFK XP Gold Pigman Farm *NEW (Watch Tutorial)
Hermit Chunk Challenge - Public Release *NEW (Watch Episodes)

Ender Sweeper - Mob Flushing & Ghast Tear Farm
Blaze Farm - Easy Minecraft Blaze Rod Farm

Mob Sphere - All Overworld Mob Farm

Wither Skeleton Farm  (video tutorial)
Magma cube fix:

High Speed Elevator  (video tutorial)
AFK XP & Bone Farm  (video tutorial)
Ultimate Gold & XP Farm  (video tutorial)
Guardian Farm  (video tutorial)
Iron Stacker Farm
Rainbow Beacon  (video tutorial)
Tree Farm  (video tutorial)

And here are the Snocrash Channel's latest videos:

You've come to the right place if you want some amazing Minecraft gaming builds, inventions, contraptions and creations. I also have Minecraft Tutorials for Gold Farms, XP Farms, All the Farms :-)
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